Different EWS Endpoints Responding Differently To DeleteItemOperation RRS feed

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    I'm trying to develop a library to interact with Exchange, and I've come across a slight problem. I'm under the impression that the EWS SOAP API should be backwards compatible as long as you provide a version in your SOAP Headers, which I am. After a sister company of ours upgraded their Exchange Server, we've got two different endpoints at the moment. An old one, which appears to be 2010 without NTLM required, and a newer 2013 one. They both have the same data, users, mail and just seem to be different access points to the same server. However, the response for Deleting Items seems to vary somewhat between the endpoints, despite the requests being the same. For example, when we try to delete an item twice, the older endpoint throws an error on the second time. Here's the requests/responses

    CreateItem / First Delete Request / Second Delete Request <-- These are for the older endpoint, and as you can see the second delete request responds with an error, which is correct.

    Create Item / First Delete Request / Second Delete Request <-- These are for the newer endpoint. The second request doesn't throw any kind of error

    Likewise, if I try sending a delete request to the new endpoint without the SendMeetingCancellations values, a Success Response is returned without the item actually being delete

    Create Item / Delete Request <-- Delete Response is successful

    Does anyone have any insights in to this?

    Tuesday, January 26, 2016 10:54 AM