fetch data from google adword account via API RRS feed

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  • Hi Friends

    i need to get data from Google Adwords account using API on daily basis.

    i.e. I need to fetch data using API from Google Adwords account.

    Kindly help me friends.



    Wednesday, January 2, 2013 9:19 AM

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  • Hello There,

    I've implemented this at our firm. First thing you need to do is request a developer key from google for your MCC account. You can't access the API without it, and it took our firm over three months to get one from them. So, it is probably best to engage your marketing department early on and let them know that this might take awhile due to matters outside of your control. Their timeliness might have changed in the last year, but this was my experience a year ago when we got our key.

    Everything you need to do is laid out here.


    There is a C# library that you'll need to download. Their soap API isn't clean like some other SaaS vendors. So, you can't just point visual studio at the WSDL and create a usable reference. The library takes care of all the additional work needed to connect for you, and in all honesty, using it is pretty easy.

    When I wrote our implementation, I wrote a console app that dumped the Adwords data to a csv files and just had SSIS call the console app and read in the csv files.

    In the 201209 update, they added the ability to query reports via a SQL like language called AWQL.  It is the easiest way I found to get usable data out of the API. After it went live, the only time I accessed the objects directly for were things like a full list of campaigns or adgroups. It really does make life easier.


    I'd give you my source code as a starting point if I could, but it is the property of the company.

    Hope that helps,



    Wednesday, January 2, 2013 1:28 PM
  • Many thanks for the reply Kenneth.

    Kindly suggest me some points how  can i implement this.

    My boss let me know that first create it with test account something like ad word sandbox .

    These all are very new to me .

    If you can help me with some starting points and some code then it will help me a lot.

    I know .net (c#) so may be i can write .net code in script task if i get any hint.

    i searched and found this link

    https://code.google.com/p/google-api-adwords-dotnet/ , is it i'm going in right direction??

    Kindly help ..Waiting for your kind help.

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