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  • Hi!
    I'm trying to understand how the binding and comunication of services is working.

    For a dynamic communication the most steps are clear:

    - The Contract Directory service reads interface descriptions in form of a contract from the folder specified for the contract directory cache (containing all services DLL's).
    - If this is done, other services are able to query the directory system service for a list of registered services.
        - This list contains the registered services URI's and contracts.
        - services compare contracts with the service directory response to find the desired services URI.
    - A service can use the URI and with help of the serviceForwarder it can query the service port.
    - with the service port, the messages can be posted to the target service.

    So far so good but.:
    What does the service forwarder do in detail?

    It gets the URI and returns a CCR port. But how are the port instances of the source and destination service linked?
    Scince the ports are CCR types, they do not contain any communication information as far as I understand. But the service forwarder ues the URI.

    Is there an arbiter defined on the src port which takes the posted messages and redirects them to the given dest. URI?
    Does this then decide how to transmit - serialize with help of the URI? (http/tcp/deep-clone - Soap/binary)?

    Thanks in advance


    Thursday, July 17, 2008 9:17 AM


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