Create A progress bar for the execution of a Word MACRO RRS feed

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  • Hi Experts,

    I had a Word document with a list of tasks. There is a button (of one of these tasks) launching a macro allowing to compare and create Word documents.

    I would like to add to my script a progress bar or a windows pop-up displaying the progress of the macro.
    Could you please help me to implement that because I don't know exactly how to do that.

    My script:

    Private Sub SummaryReportButton_Click()
        Dim objDocA As Word.Document
        Dim objDocB As Word.Document
        Dim objDocC As Word.Document
        Dim objFSO As Scripting.FileSystemObject
        Dim objFolderA As Scripting.Folder
        Dim objFolderB As Scripting.Folder
        Dim objFolderC As Scripting.Folder
        Dim colFilesA As Scripting.Files
        Dim objFileA As Scripting.File
        Dim i As Integer
        Dim j As Integer
        Set objFSO = New FileSystemObject
        Set objFolderA = objFSO.GetFolder(ChooseFolder("Choose the folder with the original documents", ThisDocument.Path))
        Set objFolderB = objFSO.GetFolder(ChooseFolder("Choose the folder with revised documents", ThisDocument.Path))
        Set objFolderC = objFSO.GetFolder(ChooseFolder("Choose the folder for the comparisons documents", ThisDocument.Path))
        Set colFilesA = objFolderA.Files
        'Turn off DisplayAlerts
        Application.DisplayAlerts = wdAlertsNone
        For Each objFileA In colFilesA
        If objFileA.Name Like "*.docx" Then
            Set objDocA = Documents.Open(objFolderA.Path & "\" & objFileA.Name)
            Set objDocB = Documents.Open(objFolderB.Path & "\" & objFileA.Name)
            Set objDocC = Application.CompareDocuments( _
                OriginalDocument:=objDocA, _
                RevisedDocument:=objDocB, _
            On Error Resume Next
            Kill objFolderC.Path & "\" & objFileA.Name
            On Error GoTo 0
            'Turn off DisplayAlerts
            Application.DisplayAlerts = wdAlertsNone
            objDocC.SaveAs FileName:=objFolderC.Path & "\" & objFileA.Name
            Application.DisplayAlerts = wdAlertsNone
            objDocC.Close SaveChanges:=True
        End If
        Next objFileA
    End Sub
    Function ChooseFolder(strTitle As String, strPath As String) As String
        Dim fldr As FileDialog
        Dim sItem As String
        Set fldr = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)
        With fldr
            .Title = strTitle
            .AllowMultiSelect = False
            .InitialFileName = strPath
            If .Show <> -1 Then GoTo NextCode
            sItem = .SelectedItems(1)
        End With
        ChooseFolder = sItem
        Set fldr = Nothing
    End Function

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  • Hi webmaster57100,

    below is an example for displaying the progress bar.

    you need to use UserForm to display the progressbar.

    you need to add one userform with label and progressbar control.

    then you need to add one module.

    and then you need to place one button on your Word document to run this example.

    code on button click:

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    End Sub

    code in userform:

    Private Sub UserForm_Activate()
    End Sub

    code in module:

    Sub code()
    Dim i As Integer, j As Integer, pctCompl As Single
    For i = 1 To 100
        For j = 1 To 1000
            debug.print j
        Next j
        pctCompl = i
        progress pctCompl
    Next i
    End Sub
    Sub progress(pctCompl As Single)
    UserForm1.Text.Caption = pctCompl & "% Completed"
    UserForm1.Bar.Width = pctCompl * 2
    End Sub


    this is just a demo example to show how to implement progressbar.

    further you need to modify this code and merge it with your process to display the progress of your process.

    other examples that may give you some extra information:

    How to use a Progress bar for Macros

    Show Progress from VBA

    Implementing a Progress Bar in Word VBA

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