What was the difference between WSDL & Mex Endpoint in WCF RRS feed

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  • i have couple of question on mex endpoint

    1) in legacy web service we create proxy using wsdl. WSDL expose web service meta data. in wcf another term comes that mex endpoint which also expose meta data but wsdl is still live in wcf.i am new in wcf hence i am confusing what is the difference between wsdl & mex endpoint?

    2) what is the meaning of httpGetEnabled="false" or httpGetEnabled="true" 3) if i set httpGetEnabled="false" then what will happen? does it mean that client will not be able to add service reference from IDE? but i set httpGetEnabled="false" and saw client can add service reference. so it is very confusing for me that what httpGetEnabled is false or true does ?

    4) one guy said :- MEX and WSDL are two different schemes to tell potential clients about the structure of your service. So you can choose to either make your service contracts public as (MEX) or WSDL.

    if the above statement is true then tell me when to use MEX & when to use WSDL? 5) how could i disable mex and expose my service through only WSDL 6) WSDL support all bidning like wshttp,wsdualhttp or tcp etc...

    if possible please discuss about wsdl & mex in details. thanks

    Monday, February 3, 2014 8:20 AM