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  • There is contextual F1 help on some standard excel 2007 buttons (eg. Home | Conditional Format). I want to show given help index depending on where a user put its mouse cursor.

    Is there any way how to do it in VS 2008 for custom xml ribbon and button? I haven't found such an event. I even haven't found any KeyDown event to try to check F1.


    System.Windows.Forms.HelpProvider can't be used besause RibbonControl is not a Windows.Forms.Control.


    Thank you



    Monday, August 4, 2008 10:07 AM


  • Hi Jirka


    Neither the Ribbon nor VSTO provides a way to use the F1 in a Ribbon's superTip attribute (or, indeed, any other way) to link a command directly to a custom Help file. By design, all Ribbon controls that are not built-in link directly to the Help topic explaining where the control is coming from and how to manage (remove) it.


    The reason behind this decision was an increasing rash of "inpolite" Add-ins that would "hijack" the appication interface, removing built-in commands, other add-ins' commands and sometimes preventing the application from functioning as it should. Since the Office applications are primarily a product targeted at end-users (and the reason an end-user pays the money for it), the team responsible for Office decided to make it clear what tools are part of the application, and which are "foreign", plus ensuring that third-party tools can always be removed.


    Understandably, many developers ask for this functionality and are disappointed by the decision made by the Office team. On the other hand, the developer is a "guest", leveraging a product for which he has not bought a license and to which he has no ownership rights - not a common situation for most developers in this age of "redistributables"


    Monday, August 4, 2008 11:00 AM