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  • Is there any resource detailing arguments (or DISPIDs, for that matter) from Word events? For example, I know that the BeforeDocumentSave event, using IApplicationEvents2, passes a document and two booleans. I guess the document can be cast as *IDispatch, but the booleans I can't seem to appropriately type.


    In my application, I am looking at handling events either through MFCs and the DISPATCH_MAP macro, or an implementation of IDispatch/IApplicationEvents2. When using MFC and the DISPATCH_MAP I am able to handle parameter-less events, but not things like BeforeDocumentSave, I pressume because I cannot get the arguments right. My best guess is:

    BEGIN_DISPATCH_MAP(MyEventSink, CCmdTarget)
            DISP_FUNCTION_ID(MyEventSink, "Quit", 2, Quit , VT_EMPTY, NULL)
            DISP_FUNCTION_ID(MyEventSink, "DocumentBeforeSave", 8, DocumentBeforeSave, VT_EMPTY, VTS_DISPATCH VTS_PBOOL VTS_PBOOL)

    My Quit method fires, my BeforeDocumentSave does not.

    If I try using a custom class derived from IDispatch, I get disparrams, but am unsure of how to cast its contents (except the document, which I'm pretty sure is a IDispatch pointer). My best guess here would be to cast the two rgvargs as boolean pointers, but it doesn't like that.

    Below is what dispparams looks like, when I set up a breakpoint to trap the BeforeDocumentSave event. The argument count is three. The first argument appears to be IDispatch, but I cannot work out how to interpret the other two.



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  • Hi JosephFox,

    Thanks for your post.

    How do you use BeforeDocumentSave() event on your side? Would you mind providing a sample code which could identify this problem? If so, we could reproduce this issue on our side.

    Have a nice day.

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    Liliane Teng [MSFT]
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    Thursday, October 20, 2011 9:28 AM
  • Using MFC, I've followed this walkthrough. I just updated the GUID to the ApplicationEvents2 interface.


    The other way I've tried it is with this code:


    I have no preference for using either. By which I mean; I am interested in both. Comment on either is welcome, I'd like to understand more about all the mechanisms involved. That learning seems worth doing for its own sake. I don't care which ultimately gets me there.


    By the way, not what you asked, but in trying to get what surely must be a reference bool from the 2nd and 3rd disparrams arguments, I've tried:

                //VARIANTARG *cancelSave = pdispparams[2].rgvarg->pvarVal;
                //short *cancelSave = pdispparams[2].rgvarg->pboolVal;
                //short cancelSave = pdispparams[2].rgvarg->boolVal;
                //short *cancelSave = (short*)pdispparams[2].rgvarg; *cancelSave = 0xFFFF;

    All of which result in access violations.

    Thursday, October 20, 2011 4:00 PM