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  • OK, I've been working on this when I can for about a month, I'm sure a couple of you might recognize it from my earlier testing.

    import -- BXT756 works with silverlight except for scaling the little man properly so better to import to SB.

    I still have some work to do like stop the scrolling at the ends of the playfield, lose life when you run out of ground, a score board, intro and end game screens, a objective to get to the next level, ect, ect.

    It seems that the code could be condensed some to get a quicker running program, I tried to use 5 small arrays instead of a 2 dimentional array so an array is only accessed when the man is on that level eliminating the searching of unneccessary data. I made the bricks 5 blocks in width to make a smaller array but that makes for larger If-Then checks.

    My question is would it be better to have more images of bricks and busier arrays with simpler If-Thens or go with what I have been trying which is working pretty good. I'm guessing I will be doubling the sprites  to get the effects I would like to see throughout the game so that will be adding a bit to the arrays, as well as lengthening the playfield.

    Another thought is to create a playfield editor so users can create their own mazes. Would anyone be interested in creating levels? As always I look forward to seeing everyone's suggestions.

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