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  • Hi All,

    I have craeted a test solution to process a ADT A08 hl7 message. I have Two orchestrations. First orchestartion will receivce file from folder and send that same ADT A08 message to MLLP send Port. In second orchestartion receive port will receive ADt A08 from MLLP and it will process and using send port I will go to another folder.

    Every thing working fine and ADT A08 is processing.

    Please tell me how to get ACks for this solution in my case.

    Urgent pleaseeeee


    Wednesday, June 15, 2011 11:50 AM


  • Hello Raj,


    I see your posing seems like it was too long ago. 

    I am posing my initial findings for this question although it might not answer your question specifically.  please let me know if this is help full, or did I missunderstood your request

    Setting Up a Send Port for Receiving ACKs

    Microsoft BizTalk Accelerator for HL7 (BTAHL7) can receive acknowledgments (ACK) on a one-way send port. When you set up a new one-way send port for receiving ACKs on the same connection, you must associate that send port with a one-way receive port.

    BTAHL7 setup creates a one-way receive port (called TwoWayAckReceivePort) and receive location (called TwoWayAckReceiveLocation). The receive location uses the Minimal Lower Layer Protocol (MLLP) transport type, has a URI of "", and uses the BTAHL72XReceivePipeline. These are the settings required for receiving and processing an ACK received against a message sent out by the BTAHL7 send adapter, in two-way mode. This receive location should not be deleted or used for any other purposes. Never send data to this receive location. BTAHL7 enables this receive location by default.

    TwoWayAckReceiveLocation, which the BTAHL7 Setup Wizard creates, uses the BizTalkServerApplication as the receive handler. However, if you choose to create a new host and use it as the receive handler for MLLP, then you must do the following to create a new TwoWayAckReceiveLocation:

    1. Create a one-way receive port.

    2. Create a one-way MLLP receive location.

    3. Specify the appropriate values for the MLLP transport properties.

    4. Specify the appropriate receive handler.

    5. Enable the receive location.

    1. Open the BizTalk Administration Console, and then expand BizTalk Server 2009 Administration, BizTalk Group, Applications, and BizTalk Application 1. Right-click Send Ports, point to New, and then click Static One-way Send Port.

    2. In the Name box, type the name of the send port.

    3. In the Transport section, for Type, select MLLP.

    4. Click Configure.

    5. In the MLLP Transport Properties dialog box, type a connection name and host (for instance, localhost).

    6. For Solicit Response Enabled, select Yes. Leave Submit Receive Location (URI) for ACK blank, and then click OK.

      When you leave Submit Receive Location blank, BTAHL7 enters the URI for the default TwoWayAckReceiveLocation. You can verify that after clicking OK in step 6, by clicking Configuration again. The URI for TwoWayAckReceiveLocation ( will be entered in Submit Receive Location (URI) for ACK.



      You must create a send port to subscribe to the ACK received, or the ACK will be seen in a suspended state, because no subscriptions were found. To subscribe to the ACK received by the send port, use filters, for example, BTS.MessageType == <MessageType> and BTS.ReceivePortName == <ReceivePort>. For static ACKs, the message type is StaticAck.



    7. Click OK.

    Best Regards, Imelda
    Wednesday, June 22, 2011 9:28 PM