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  • The Visual Studio Tools for Universal Windows Apps (v1.1) released on 16 September 2015. To install this update

    • You must have an internet connection throughout the setup process.

    • For machines without Visual Studio, install Visual Studio from https://dev.windows.com/downloads.

    • For Visual Studio 2015 Community, Professional, and Enterprise, you can install by

      • Clicking on the entry for the UWP tools in the Notifications pane.

      • Using the Extensions and Updates dialog to update Visual Studio.

      • Modifying your setup to install the updated tools.

      • Running the installer at https://dev.windows.com/downloads, which will add the updated tools to an existing Visual Studio installation.

    • For Visual Studio 2015 Express for Windows


    This release includes the following fixes and feature improvements.

    .NET Native 1.1

    • Significant bug fixes for Universal Windows apps.

    • Improved globalization and localization, optional multi-file support, and helps reduce the size of app packages.

    NuGet v3.2

    • Improved handling of authenticated feeds, and added support for v3 authenticated feeds.

    • Fixed issues with network connectivity failures.

    • Added restore context menu. This enables turning off “on build restore” or forcing a restore without building.

    • Improved logging.

    • Fixed issues for projects with linked app.config and web.config.

    • Added support for multiple csproj in one folder with project.json, with {projectName}.project.json support.

    • Fixed the case where nuget was ignoring disableSourceControlIntegration config setting.

    XAML Designer

    • Using CTRL+']' (go to closing XAML tag) causes Visual Studio to hang

    • XAML Designer (x64/ARM) generates an error on using MapControl in XAML

    • Using Tabs option for XAML Editor doesn’t work

    • Tag snippets does not who up in IntelliSense for XAML projects

    • XAML Designer crashes for C++ UWP projects, if .NET Framework assemblies are not installed

    Appx Packaging

    • Error on building a multiplatform (x86, x64, ARM) AppX bundle from command prompt

    • Building a UAP project that has been associated with the store from the command line doesn't generate the .appxupload file

    Unit testing

    • Added UITestMethod attribute for Universal Windows apps

    • Running more than 30 unit tests at the same time hangs VS



    • Can't run graphics diagnostics for UWP applications

    • Incremental build after renaming namespaces causes XAML compiler errors

    • VS occasionally hangs when creating a new project and a Windows 10 Phone device is plugged into the PC


    Wednesday, September 16, 2015 6:46 PM