Exchange 2007 reply RPC Fault (0x00000721) RRS feed

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  • One of our customers is having issue where Exchange Server use to reply RPC Fault (0x00000721) on RPC Request sent by Outlook.

    They use Exchange 2007. Encryption is turned on for email accounts.

    Customer have provided network traffic captured during the incident. Since traffic is encrypted we cannot tell what type of ROPs outlook sends to the server, but from RPC message sizes it looks like user is uploading data to the server (Outlook sends 32KB RPC messages). Initially Server accepts RPC requests and reply RPC response where after next data chunk is sent by Outlook. At one point Exchange reply RPC fault (0x00000721) where after Outlook closes connection and opens new one. From RPC message flow pattern it looks like Outlook re-try the same operation which failed in previous connection and it fails again. Therefore Outlook gets into the loop where it tries to complete operation with no success because of failure.
        1825 (0x721)
        A security package specific error occurred.

    We don't know what operations triggered by end users on Outlook that ends with described traffic.

    What could be possible scenarios when Exchange Server fail with RPC Fault error code 0x00000721?
    How could we troubleshoot it?


    Friday, October 12, 2012 11:05 PM