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  • I have an orchestration that  looks up in couple of databases for some extra data...but some times when the DB are running slow this  the reply from DB might take longer time ..

    1 . If I put the code is  scope and have Trsaaction = "none" ? Waht will be the behavoiur of the orchestration ? Lets say it takes 10 mts to execute the DB procedure and  get  data(ONLY READ operations)   and the connection time outs is set to 15 mts..So connection doesn't time out ..Will the orchestration  process wait ? And how long ?  when will the orchestration   throw a time out error if u ahve transaction  = none

    2. If the transaction = Longrunning , then u can set the time out and set time out to a value ..But there is the overhead of the transaction

    In my case all are read operations ..SO does it make sense to make this transaction long running or leave it as none ? If none when will the orhestration time out  or throw a time out errors ? Is it after the connection time out is expired ?




    Thursday, February 10, 2011 10:30 PM


  • Hi Kyrn,

    There are always a timeout using BizTalk adapters. Check Working with BizTalk Adapter for SQL Server Binding Properties

    OpenTimeout property: Specifies the WCF connection open timeout. The default is 1 minute. The SQL adapter always uses OpenTimeout to set the connection open timeout when it opens a connection to SQL Server. The adapter ignores any timeout (System.TimeSpan ) parameters passed when you open a communication object. For example, the adapter ignores any timeout parameters passed when opening a channel.

    ReceiveTimeout property: Specifies the WCF message receive timeout. Essentially, this means the maximum amount of time the adapter waits for an inbound message. The default is 10 minutes.

    SendTimeout property: Specifies the WCF message send timeout. The default is 1 minute.

    CloseTimeout property: The WCF connection close timeout. The default is 1 minute.

    Other interesting note: Web Service Call Timeout in BizTalk

        " However, while looking around the SOAP adapter code (using good old Reflector ) trying to understand this property better, I came around something somewhat surprising: You can't specify an infinite timeout like you can for regular WS proxies by setting the timeout to -1, and it appears the use of 0 to "calculate the time-out based on the request message size" is somewhat of a misnomer ."

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