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  • Hi,

    I have to install the MS SQL 2016. Because we are non-for profit clinic and have limited budget our Server would be with one Disk system (RAID 10 with four disks). It will be physical machine (not a VM) Our DB will be small- about 15 GB. I need a suggesting if I am going to setup it with the best configuration for my hardware..

    I am going to Setup one primary DEFAULT partition for OS and SQL Server 2016 program C:\Program Files\MS SQL SERVER. After Installing OS I am going to create a second D:\ partition with 64K block size for DB and log files (MDF and LDF)

    Is my project correct with one disk system? Any improvement would be appreciated

    Thank you in advance.

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  • That would probably work, However, You may want to consider adding at least a fifth disk so that you can designate a separate drive (E: ?) for data/log/backup files and setup your RAID array on the four disks making up E. That way, if you lose the single system drive (C: ) for some reason, you can still recover the database(s) or backups a little easier, plus, you only need to format the E: drive as 64KB block size. 


    Phil Streiff, MCDBA, MCITP, MCSA

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  • A database that size with a single disk array with 4 disks, nothing you do will have a significant effect on the performance. 

    It is always best practice to separate the data from logs from backups.  However, you are sharing a disk either way.

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