Help Me for project "Text to speech with language translator"


  • hi i am making a project called "text to speech converter with (hindi)language translator",i am using visual studio 2008.

    Where ----when user type a text in english it should be converted to a diffrent spoken language (hindi).

    We are using the Visual studio 2008,database(since sql server 2005 is already attached to the VS 2008).

    we have been asked to make a (database )dictionary which would be a refrence to our editor, i.e. when user type text in english the corresponding text in hindi should be spoken.Our Head of Department (hod) have asked us to make a list of limited word with which our project will work.

    we are recording sound in .wave format.

    My question

    1>how do i save wave files in database and connect it with corresponding english word in database?

    i know i have to use BLOB(binary large objects) to save wave files,i have tried a code from internet to save image file in MS access table,but for wave i not getting proper code in visual basics 2008. 

    I understand that rather than saving the wave files i have to SAVE THE LOCATION of the wave files.but how?

    2>how do i connect all wave files to form a sentence?

    do i have to convert the wave file to binary format ......please help?

    3>how do i apply grammatical rules for my project? OR How do i apply rules to create proper spoken sentences?

    I have basic knowledge of visual basics 2008,i am still learning .......please HELP ME TO come to a proper answer through..........How DO I DO?.....VIDEOS,.........CODES,sample project,tutorial.

    I have to make and submit this project and i am nearing my term end...

    so please HELP ME!!!!!

    Thursday, April 08, 2010 1:12 PM