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  • Is there any way to integrate a blog into EW 4? I have an existing site designed with EW, but am making some major changes to it, including adding a blog. Could just link to a blog created in a program like Blogger or WordPress, but all experts seem to recommend actually integrating a blog into the site. Also thought about using a pre-made template with integrated blog to re-create site, but can't seem to find any that also utilize responsive design. Thoughts? Suggestions?

    Joan Merriam

    Sunday, August 23, 2015 2:40 AM

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  • EW doesn't do anything related to integrating a blog into your site. That's up to you, and it entirely depends on what blogging software you use as to how it could be done.   Forums for the specific blogging software you use would be better for asking details about including pages created outside of the blog, or for linking to (or iframing) a separate blog into your site.
    Sunday, August 23, 2015 3:54 AM
  • I don't understand. If I google wordpress responsive themes I get loads of WordPress templates that do what you want. What is it you need that all of them can't do?

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    Sunday, August 23, 2015 10:59 PM