Not Able to add Orders with sandbox API!! RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    I am not able to add Orders(Adgroup) with sandbox API. However, I have successfully added campaigns. I am using the following code :


    private AdCenterCampaign[] GetCampaign4Sync1()




    AdCenterCampaign[] arrAdCenterCampaign = new AdCenterCampaign[2];

    string[] notKeywords=new string[2];



    arrAdCenterCampaign[0] = new AdCenterCampaign();

    arrAdCenterCampaign[0].CampaignId = 1;

    arrAdCenterCampaign[0].CampaignName = "Kailash Test";

    arrAdCenterCampaign[0].CampaignDesc = "New campaign added for testing purpose";

    arrAdCenterCampaign[0].MonthlyBudgetAmt = 10.0;

    arrAdCenterCampaign[0].Status = CampaignStatus.Submitted;

    arrAdCenterCampaign[0].BudgetType = BudgetLimitType.DivideDailyAcrossMonth;

    arrAdCenterCampaign[0].DaylightSavingFlag = true;

    arrAdCenterCampaign[0].TimeZone = TimeZoneType.Arizona;

    arrAdCenterCampaign[0].NotKeywords = notKeywords;

    return arrAdCenterCampaign;


    catch (Exception e)


    throw new Exception(e.Message);



    I am getting error code -400008 in EntityResultType object. Please suggest
    Friday, July 20, 2007 2:53 PM


  • That error implies that the start date is an invalid date or exceeds the end date. It sounds like the code above is working for you, but AddOrders is failing? Can you show that code and/or the SOAP of the failing call?

    We have a list of our error codes here:



    Hope this helps!

    Jeff Dillon, Microsoft adCenter API Technical Support

    Monday, July 23, 2007 3:40 PM