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  • Hello,

    My exchange server 2016  is installed on old hardware. I need to install a second exchange server based on new hardware and migrate the operations to this server and de-commission the old server. I will maintain the exchange server version to 2016.

    need help on the steps.

    Tuesday, August 25, 2020 7:43 AM

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  • Hello

    You should not worry at all.
    Steps are quite straightforward:

    1. Set a Load Balancing solution (DNS, Hardware of software LoadBalancer solution)
    2. Install your new Exchange server (let's call it "NEWServer") using latest CU,
    3. Create your folder/LUN for your database(s),
    4. Set up IN and OUT mailflow (+add NEWserver in your mail gateway)
    5. Edit your DNS settings and SPF or DKIM data,
    6. Create a DAG and add "OLDserver" and "NEWserver"
    7. Create Active and passive copies for all your databases
    8. Setup all necessary IIS folders
    9. Test "CAFE" (OWA, MAPIhttp, ActiveSync, EWS, etc...)
    10. Setup your backup solution and backup your data
    11. Create a new database on "NEWserver"
    12. Migrate your arbitration mailboxes to the new DB on "NEWserver"
    13. Using your LoadBalancer solution, disable "OLDserver" and test EVERYTHING is working fine (Outlook MAPIhttp, OWA, ActiveSync, etc...)
    14. Create test mailboxes/users on your new DB on "NEWserver"
    15. Test/simulate appointments creation (to check if free/busy information is correctly displayed for users that are still on OLDserver
    16. Test mailflow from/to these mailboxes
    17. Migrate a small batch of SHARED mailboxes to the new DB on NEWserver and test mailboxes on OLDserver can still use these shared mailboxes
    18. Migrate your Room/Resources mailboxes to the new DB on NEWserver
    19. Test you can book/create/modify appointments
    20. Migrate a small batch of real mailboxes to the new DB on NEWserver
    21. Test everything is working fine for them (EAS, OWA, Outlook, EWS; etc...)
    22. Migrate all other users. Migrate them in batches.
    23. When every mailboxes are on NEWserver, start "decommissioning" of mailbox databases housed on OLDServer
    24. Remove database copies on OLDserver (do not use ADSIEdit)
    25. Uninstall Exchange 2016 from OLDserver (do not use ADSIEdit)

    And... you're done.

    OH, I forgot a few advices:

    • Be patient and test EVERYTHING.
    • Once you have done all tests...
      Start again some new tests...
    • Never use ADSIEdit to remove/uninstall Exchange related data in your Active Directory.
      If Exchange "refuses" to remove some stuff, this is because you forgot to gently remove something (ie. Health mailboxes, audit mailboxes, mailboxdatabases copies etc...)


    Wednesday, August 26, 2020 2:45 PM