Infopath 2007 and SharePoint 2007 error with Web Service Submit and Recieve RRS feed

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  • I have an InfoPath form with code. The code submits the form to SharePoint and to SQL DB through Web Service. The form has some workflow. When form is in a "New" state if submits to SharePoint and Database through custom web service. Works fine from both Client and SharePoint browser form. The database ID is returned to the form and then stored in a field. In second stage of workflow additional fields are shown for Supervisor to fill out. I then have an "update" web service to update the database. I set all the field values in the Web service then execute both the update Web Service and the SharePoint submit. I get an error (both if running from desktop or SharePoint) Error is

    "The string '' is not a valid AllXsd value"     

    I know sometimes this happens with dates. But I've got all the dates set. The funny thing is in the first submit there are 2 dates in the second submit there is one date. All are set the same and on the first submit no problem submits correct dates to SQL database through web Service. Second submit has 2 Boolean fields that I also default to a value of false. I've debugged and looked at all the values and everything has a value. I use delete NIL to make sure value in Web Service is set. I can save the data in the form but not submit it because I get the web service error. If I save the data in form and download it and copy all the values in the XML to my Web Service and invoke the web service works fine. So there is no error in the web service. The first submit submits both dates and some integer values. The only difference in second is the Boolean value but it is set to default of false for all checkboxes.  I'm going out of mind trying to see what could be wrong.   Also difference with second is it sends in the ID of the record that was set in form by result of first submit query sending back the DB value. That value is an integer but I also set correctly.

    Susan J. Swanger

    Friday, November 28, 2014 2:21 PM