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  • Hi!

    I love Windows 8. I think that it is definitively the best version of windows yet.

    I was not very impressed with windows 7; as it still required well too much computer resources, even on a desktop computer; as far as I am concerned.

    I do much prefer the UI on Windows 8 but have hopefully come across some good ideas that would really help improve the OS.

    (1) Here is a video that I made of how navigation can be improved in the start screen:


    (2) It would be a excellent if you could lower the metro apps screen requirements to at least 1024x600 as I have had to do a registry hack to get the resolution to higher it above. I think it is a tiny bit silly as the metro is meant to enhance the experience of touchscreens which are mostly to be little tablets and netbooks.

    (3) It would be lovely to have a choice to have transparency in the new style basic theme, as I am not completely sure how, but I have managed to get full transparency on the basic theme and it is lovely. Which I guess would soon be fixed(please not).

    Here is a picture of how it looks.


    I am back using the start menu at the moment as its quicker to access certain areas at the moment. But I do prefer the new metro start screen.

    It would also be great if both Aero and Basic had a full transparent glass effect as you can get with 3rd party tools.

    (4) It would be great to have options to change the look and feel of the metro UI; such as wallpapers, adding custom explorer shortcuts, etc. What I would love is if the was a option to make the startscreen background transparent so your able to see stuff on your desktop.

    (5) It would be nice if you could use the charms network settings menu to toggle on/off the wireless adapter/bluetooth adapter etc.

    (6) It would be so useful if when 2 metro apps are in view on the screen that you could change how much of the screen space each app will take; instead of being limited to one app using 2/3rds of the screen and the other using 1/3rd, or the other way round. Why can you not do half/half?? Also, be able to have 3 metro apps viewable at once and maybe 4 on larger screen resolutions like 1080p.

    (7) Have power options on the start screen like shutdown, hibernate rather than just log off, and lock options.

    (8) More options for non metro app tiles: like changing the size and colour; so you can group them and find them more easily.

    (9) Have an option for reverse scrolling; as being a Mac user and ipod touch user, I much prefer the reverse scrolling, so this would be so much better and less confusing.

    (10) A feature that you have NEVER included in windows that SHOULD be included, is a registry defragmenter. Most people know about the HDD defragmenter and alot of the other clean-up tools available in the OS, but dont know anything about the registry defragmenter, that you have to get with a third party tool, that normally is part of a paid for cleaning app. That is why so many PCs are so slow, although you regularly defragment hdd, etc. You dont even say anything in the os about registry defragmenting. So it is not surprising that so many PCs are so slow in such a short time. I only know about registry defrag because I had it bundled on a app disk with a PC  Advisor magazine.

    Here is a link to when I did not have a clue:


    I am not complaining, but I do think that this feature should be included in the OS rather than having to use 3rd party tools.

    (11) I also think that on the start screen there should be a button with a magnifier icon next to the "start" word for searching. So if its a touch device you don't need to use the Charms all the time which is annoying.

    (12) When you start up your PC, rather than opening up the web browser and then searching for a particular subject, you just use the inbuilt search feature on the start screen to search the Web.

    (13) I prefer the new start icon on the desktop compared to windows vista, 7 and xp start icon, but if you do keep the non metro mode like in the dev preview; it would be nice if you kept the metro start icon rather than putting it back to the windows 7 start icon.

    (14) I think that you should be able to give custom pictures to app tiles so you can personalize how each tile looks, rather than the standard boring looks.

    (15) Offer multi-touch gestures on laptop touchpads by default and not just on new laptops, but previous multi-touch compatible touchpad. I dont just mean gestures like pitch to zoom,  I mean flicking between tabs/pages in web browsers; presentations etc; similar to how Lion is. And dont say you already got that with windows 7, as you have not got all of those gestures for any multitouch capable touchpad. Like mine and my sisters netbook touchpads are multitouch capable as I can use 5 fingers if I wanted, and it picks it up, but windows doesn't natively enable it. It is Synaptics, which only gives pitch to zoom and 2 finger scrolling, but they don't give any extra gestures. I have this enabled with xp on the same devices, so it isn't a new thing.

    (16) It would be handy if we were able to resize the taskbar and other features to a custom thickness without changing the resolution. As I want to make the taskbar and titlebars 3/4 the smallest thickness size as the screen resolution is still too small as far as I am concerned and it is at the largest that it will let me put it to. An example of what I mean is the panel settings on Gnome and KDE window managers on linux such as ubuntu, where you toggle the thickness of panels/taskbar.

    It would be nice to re-arrange the pinned apps anywhere on the taskbar: work apps one side, web browser/email apps in the middle and favorite games on the other side, and then the recycle bin on the far side with all the notifications.

    I should imagine I will think of some more ideas, but that is all at the moment, I hope my ideas get heard.


    Thanks for listening and I hope my ideas help; because I think windows 8 looks really good and will be great for people with disabilities also.

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