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  • Hi.

    I am trying to Geocode the query=Russian Federation, Moskovskaya oblast'

    or even something like query=United kingdom, London, City of

    I tried with rest api but I found no way to provide filter with confidence level to low. 

    Though I prefer to use the rest I tried the SOAP client so i can set the confidence level.

    Even so I still get no results.

    What is frustrating is that if you use the actual

    it does find the result for both queries

    • Moscow City, Russia
    • 55.550224, 37.37019

    Any ideas of what I can try to get some results for those addresses ?

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  • As you have found the geocoder currently does not support these formats of addresses. Mind you, in the 10 years I have been working with maps I haven't seen anyone trying to geocode queries like that. Trying these two queries against the Bing Maps website ( does find Moscow, but not London. The Bing Maps website is using a new geocoder which has improved logic. The Bing Maps developer API's will be updated in a few months to use this new geocoder logic once it has been fully tested.

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