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  • Hi All,

    Basic question:
    Is it possible to see changes (transactions) done by someone else? (--> users that are not model administrator)

    Long story:

    In our MDS solution we receive data from different sources. We modify or enhance this data and store it in MDS. Afterwards send it out again to different consuming systems.

    To be able to choose which members should be send out to the consuming systems we added an IsRelevantFlag as seperate attribute to all entities. The possible values are simply Yes and No.

    A second attribute we created in each entity is an Approval flag. We can have three different statusses here (Approved, Denied or Pending (--> waiting to be approved or denied). A newly received member, or a modified member automatically changes to "Pending" and the member is also made invalid. This is handled using the business rules.

    Only members with the IsRelevantFlag set to "Yes" and Approval set to "Approved" are send out to the consuming systems.

    In our solution we also created different roles, each with specific security settings on the entities.

    • Administrator --> has update rights on the whole model
    • Viewer --> has read-only rights
    • Data Steward --> has update rights on all attributes (including the IsRelevantFlag), except for the Approval attribute
    • Data Owner --> only has update rights on the Approval attribute

    Ideally we want the data owner to be able to see the changes the data steward has made. Based on this information the data owner can choose to approve or deny a certain change.

    At the moment this does not seem possible. Like it's stated in the MSDN documentation, only model administrators can see changes done by someone else. Everybody else can only see his own changes.

    What I've tried so far:

    • Give the user update access on the whole model --> (this works, but of course we don't want to give everybody full control)
    • Give the user update access on the whole model, and take back some of his rights by making e.g. some attributes read-only --> this doesn't work, as soon as you make even one attribute read-only the "view transactions" window only show changes done by that user.

    Anybody who can help us further to solve this problem, or provide some kind of workaround?
    I know the transaction data is available in the transaction talbe in the database and we could build something custom based on this information. But the preference of course is that our users can do/see everything inside MDS.

    To make the story complete, we're using MDS2012 with a SQL2008R2 database.

    Thanks in advance!
    Best regards,


    Tuesday, October 2, 2012 2:17 PM


  • Hi Niels,

    I think you identified the problem correctly and came up with the possible workarounds:
    1. Make your Data Owner a Model Admin.
    2. Use custom system to expose the transactions to the Data Owner. You can use both the SQL views or the WCF APIs. This will be something which will reside out of the scope of the MDS UI. Probably some web report can do the trick.

    Anyhow, your feedback is greatly appreciated. We added a work item to track this for our next release.


    Tomer (MSFT).

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