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  • By: MortenVG

    Some newbie questions:-)
    I'm trying to figure out how to bind the different controls with object 
    sendt from a business facade.
    Here is a test business object code that returns the Northwind customer table:
    namespace DB_Test
        public class Class1
            CustomerDataSet.CustomersDataTable _theTable = new 
            public Class1()
                CustomerDataSetTableAdapters.CustomersTableAdapter cust = new 
            public DataTable GetCustomers
                get { return (DataTable)_theTable;}
    Q1: When I make a reference to the DB_Test.dll I'm able to select the 
    GetCustomers property. I'm also able to see all the propeties in  the 
    datatable - but what about the data itself - how do I bind to i.e. the grid 
    in EID?
    Q2: Furthermore, When sending and receiving data from/to EID<->Business 
    Objects, it seems to me that it can only be archieved though properties 
    (versus methods)?
    Q3: I've been browsing though all postings, where I've seen a lot of 
    examples using the ObservableCollection. Do I have to use this in my business 
    objects - and if - what namespace to I have to use?
    I know, a lot of newbie questions, but I hope that you could point me in 
    some direction (explanations, links , tutorials etc).
    Best Regards
    Tuesday, February 19, 2008 1:42 AM


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