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    Does anyone knows how to get the status of the transaction if failed or success from the BizTalk Database. Actually I have transmit the XML file to BizTalk using AS2 to the Trading Partner from our internal software. Now there is a screen in our software that shows the different statuses. So I want to get the status from BizTalk if XML is successfully transmitted to trading partner or there is an Error.


    So If anyone knows how to get/read the status from BizTalk. I think the filename is the starting point to be search in database.




    Thursday, May 24, 2007 5:10 PM


  • R2 provides this feature through the UI which is more elegant that going to the database. You can enable Status Reporting at both Party and Global Level. Once enabled, you can get detailed information about the status of an interchange, the ACKs generated etc and much more through the BizTalk Console.


    To activate status reporting for a party, right click on the party, select EDI Properties and check the box "Activate EDI reporting". You can select "Store transaction set for reporting" too depending on your needs. For global settings, right click on the parties node and select "EDI Global properties" and check the box. Once this is enabled, you can view the status reporting enteries by clicking on the "BizTalk Group Overview" page, scrolling down to "EDI Status Reports" section and clicking on any link there.


    On a side note, enabling status reporting will encounter a performance hit and it will be propotionate to the level of detail. So you would have to make a tradeoff between performance and the level of reporting enable.




    Thursday, May 31, 2007 9:20 PM