How run Skype bot on a Linux/Windows VPS? RRS feed

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  • I have a Skype bot developed by Microsoft botframework in C#.

    It's actually running on Azure (which is so easy to use) with a free subscription, but it is so limited in usage and other subscriptions are so expensive !

    I would prefer to use a VPS to host the bot, because it would be a lot more cheaper !

    I prefer to use a Linux server, but idk if it's even possible to run this app on Linux using something like Wine !

    So I can also use a Windows server, but I don't know how to host the bot somewhere else than Azure and I didn't find any clear or even close explications to how host a bot on other services than Azure ! !

    In additional, I can't even find the executable file after building the app, so I can just use the Emulator to test or Azure to publish the bot !

    Only thing I know is that I need to add the endpoint of where the bot is hosted, but idk how I can configure this !

    Update :

    I managed to run the app on IIS server on my windows 10 but I didn't understand how exactly it work ! and i'm pretty sure it's not gonna work on Linux servers easily !

    There is a .htm file and Web.config file which will open in a browser and call the app I think.

    Solution :

    I found the solution finally which wasn't complicated at all !

    I just uploaded all the files to a windows server and used the as endpoint and it work perfectly !

    For info :

    1. The Emulator need a tunneling to connect to a remote bot ! (You may get 500 internal error if not using tunneling !)
    2. Adding endpoint to the botframework website need a https and will not work with http !

    I'm still looking for a solution to run this app on Linux server if possible !

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