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    I am about to start a project and I want to check out some things to
    see if it's do-able ...
    I have to make a program that can recover some files that were
    I've downloaded the Undo Delete software ... and I saw in the help
    file something like this :

    When the programs and applications would request for a particular file
    (after it has been deleted), they would get an error that the file was
    not found, while the file is still present on the disk ‘physically’.

    I have to do this for FAT32 and NTFS. I have some theoretical
    knowledge about this, but I haven't implemented nothing in this area.
    I have some knowledge in c++ (I had a summer job and I gained some
    So I am asking you :

    1.What libraries should I use to get information about the file
    system. Let's say that I have a FAT32 drive and I want to list all the
    files in the drive using the lowest library (I dont want an answer
    like :" system("dir");" or something like that)

    2.How can I inspect the the disk "physically", as it is made in the
    undo delete software.

    Of course, using the C++ language.
    I hope I will get some answers, even if I wasn't clear in all I have

    PS: I am interested only in Windows OS. Thanks
    Sunday, November 23, 2008 1:41 PM


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