Unable to connect W10 Mobile device to VS2015 debugger


  • Using VS2015 on a Windows 10(1511) machine and trying to debug application for Windows 10 Mobile(1511) device.  During deployment to the device a dialog pops up asking for a PIN to be entered.  On the Windows 10 mobile device in the Settings-Update&Security-For developers, I tap the "Pair" button in the Device discovery section which supplies a 6-character code for pairing with the device. The code displayed on the device never works to allow the debugger to connect to the device.

    Is there some other location on the device where I can generate a PIN that VS will accept?

    Is there some way to disable the PIN requirement for connecting the debugger to the Windows 10 device, either in VS or on the device?

    Currently unable to do Windows 10 mobile device development with this setup (Windows 10 OS + VS2015 + Windows 10 Mobile device)

    Wednesday, March 02, 2016 6:30 PM