Licensing for single use Scenarios for Windows 8


  • I may be misunderstanding the licensing/deployment workflows for windows 8 applications, however this is the scenario i am working toward, maybe someone can point me in the proper direction?

    We have developed a Windows 8.1 application for use by one of our clients. The client uses this app only on a single machine at events they run (this may expand to 2 or 3 machines in the future). I didn't want to publish this app on the windows store, as it is only for this one client, and I didn't want others to be able to download use it. So I ended up side loading the application on that machine. However, I have to update the license on the event machine every thirty days as the developer license runs out at that time, and I will not have remote access to it at some point in the future. Also, this machine is not part of a domain as it is a single use machine that is always remote.

    Do I need to publish this app to the windows store then somehow restrict who can download/use it? Or is there another way of permanently installing modern style apps without publication?

    Tuesday, August 5, 2014 5:18 PM


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