Conversion of VS 2003 .Net CF 1.0 to VS 2005 .Net CF 2.0: Any errors, inconsistencies, odd events? RRS feed

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  • We have a solution that was originally developed in 2004 using VS 2003 .Net CF 1.0.  The solution consists of 23 projects with 1 main form that is used to navigate through the rest.  We released 2 versions of it before migrating it from Visual Source Safe to Team Foundation Server.  We then left it as a .Net CF 1.0 application and created a new release for our new WM 5.0 devices.  After that release (early May 2006) we converted it to VS 2005 and .Net CF 2.0.

    After the conversion, I noticed a lot of odd errors happening.  For instance, I added a form to an existing project and added a reference to that project so I could call the form from another project in the solution.  Every now and then I get errors stating it cannot find the form.  When I look at the /debug/bin I notice the dll for the project with the new form is missing.  I have to comment out the dim and call statement, rebuild it, then uncomment the call again and rebuild it.  Then it works fine again for awhile before the error appears again.

    Another example, yesterday I had checked in the code to TFS last Friday and had not many any changes.  I brought up Visual Studio because I wanted to test existing code with the debugger and I started getting errors trying to rebuild the solution.  The errors were something like: GenerateResource task failed and then a bunch of cannot find project x dll in the /debug/bin directory.  I found others reporting this error and it seems like the ones I viewed had also converted VS 2003 .Net CF 1.0 solutions.  I was about to call Microsoft and use one of our incident reports but this morning I opened the solution again and when I did a rebuild it gave me the errors about the form which I then commented out and it worked on the next rebuild. 

    Has anyone else noticed these random oddities occurring?  It may be the only solution is to recreate the entire solution as a VS 2005 .Net CF 2.0 application so there are no problems with internals.  I would appreciate any other comments so I can decide if I should just scrap the existing solution and start over while I have a window of time that I could devote to this task.  Thanks.


    Wednesday, June 28, 2006 12:58 PM


  • You might be facing issues related to appropriate files not being found during compilation and/or run time. I'm guessing this could be related to Sourcesafe to TFS migration rather than VS migration.

    You may want to copy the original VS03 projects onto a clean machine (don't use any source code control system when trying this) and open your solution in VS05. The upgrade wizard will upgrade it and you can than change the target platform to NETCF 2.0. Now compile and run and you should not see any issues.


    Tuesday, July 4, 2006 6:47 AM