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  • Hi,

    I have placed 2D content onto a plane and all works well in the xaml view. It compiles and it runs fine. However when I go to the Design view and randomly click around on the hierarchy then Blend crashes. Sometimes it takes a couple of clicks on different elements other times it takes quite a few click up and down the tree. When I re-open the project then sometimes it crashes immediately on open whereas others it takes a few clicks again up and down the hierarchy tree.

    Here is my markup but it behaves the same with the markup example from the msdn site.







    Width="640" Height="480">

    <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot">

    <Viewport3D ClipToBounds="true" Width="400" Height="300">


    <PerspectiveCamera FarPlaneDistance="10" LookDirection="0,0,-1" UpDirection="0,1,0" NearPlaneDistance="1" Position="0,0,1.88889" FieldOfView="39.5978" />




    <MeshGeometry3D TriangleIndices="0,1,2 2,3,0 " Normals="0,1,0 0,1,0 0,1,0 0,1,0 "

    TextureCoordinates="0,0 0,1 1,1 1,0 "

    Positions="-0.5,0,-0.5 -0.5,0,0.5 0.5,0,0.5 0.5,0,-0.5 " />



    <DiffuseMaterial Viewport2DVisual3D.IsVisualHostMaterial="True" Brush="White"/>




    <TranslateTransform3D OffsetX="0" OffsetY="0" OffsetZ="0"/>

    <ScaleTransform3D ScaleX="1" ScaleY="1" ScaleZ="1"/>



    <AxisAngleRotation3D Angle="90" Axis="1 0 0"/>



    <TranslateTransform3D OffsetX="0" OffsetY="0" OffsetZ="0"/>



    <Button>my button</Button>




    <Model3DGroup >

    <AmbientLight Color="#333333" />

    <DirectionalLight Color="#FFFFFF" Direction="-0.612372,-0.5,-0.612372" />

    <DirectionalLight Color="#FFFFFF" Direction="0.612372,-0.5,-0.612372" />

    </Model3DGroup >






    Friday, May 9, 2008 9:25 AM

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  • This is a bug that we fixed for Blend 2 RTM, but was not fixed in time for the Blend 2.5 March Preview. So I recommend using Blend 2 RTM for any production WPF or Silverlight 1 work. We can't tell for sure when the fix will make it into the Blend 2.5 preview train.

    Tuesday, May 13, 2008 12:30 AM