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  • To set up an interactive user apparently you need the ability to switch accounts.  I cannot do that nor run gpedit.msc, to see what is going on.  I have an interactive user(hacker) running on my computer and I know they are pretty technie!!!!  I've seen items in being downloaded and paused and where it paused, the app did not get in the download correctly, they deleted that file of the download for that application software, and I needed it. I have seen remote access even though that is turned off.  I think they are using a public profile remotely or even the Default account.  

    Last June the the Default had a desktop account that when you clicked on an area of network connections I saw that the connection and the IP Address, I did not know at that time my pc was able to use WIFI, I usually have it disable.  And I just use the ethernet.  Since then as of recently this account has changed but not by me.  I've been trying to find out who this internet connection person is.  

    It was changed to the public account.  I do not know how to access either account.  Just mine.  

    I have seen them stop programs from running correctly just like they just rewrote it.  Trying to make sure I have some weird question to ask that no one would think someone would waste there time on me to help.  Or they have been paid off in someway not to answer or help.

    They mess with the pixels and my typing.  So, they will blur the pixels of the character to make it look like you need to have reading glasses, then they will straighten it out.  This remote interactive users does the same on pictures and they can mute a persons voice when playing an audio of the person.  They will stop the keyboard as I'm typing it on a space and I will have to use the back space to go back and retype bc they did not allow for my space to take place when I clicked on the space bar.  Same with Cap's etc.

    I Know that it is or has been happening.  I do have Event logs of activity, but I'm not sure how to find the actual event.  Quite honestly, I know I have it going on, and I don't think anyone should doubt me in a response to this.  

    I've been using Wireshark and Windows 10 Sysinternals..

    I'm not running SQL and I have disabled it but I have found that up and running in the task manager and I end it in even in Windows Defender.   I have an IP Address to a Virtual Adaptor.  

    I need to know how to find the exact user of the Interactive Account.  

    Oh, I have an IP running in my router and on Wireshark of  You may not be able to do anything about this, but FYI. This does not show up in my routing table on my router.  My router only goes up to .254 believe or not.  No activity from my router on this IP Address, but I've seen it on Route table on my pc and in Wireshark.

    In the body of the screenshot below you will see that they changed the size of the font.  

    I could not seen the image, I got this response.

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