SharePoint 2013 designer workflows stuck in Progress in some sites


  • Environment- SharePoint 2013

    SharePoint 2013 designer workflow stopped working in some sites (Workflow stuck on Activity in Progress.)

    We are trying to run a very simple workflow on a document library. Workflow is created and run by the Site Collection Administrator. It has been configured to start automatically.

    Simple Workflow-

    Stage- Stage1

    Log Test to the workflow history list

    Transition stage

    Go to End of workflow.

    However when we see the status of workflows, we find the workflow is always in progress only.


    More Information- 

    • SharePoint 2013 workflows are starting properly but they are not doing action which are belongs to same web application. Interestingly, workflows are not giving any errors if they are not working to fix the issue.
    • Not even creating any task or any simple log action. And not storing any information in workflow history list and tasks list.
    • SharePoint 2010 workflows are working fine. 

    Action done by us:

    • Checked all services. Restarted the services.
    • Recycling workflow manager back end service.
    • IIS Reset
    • Checked ULS logs based on Workflow Correlation ID. 

    Thank you


    Thursday, December 8, 2016 3:55 PM

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