drawing lines over a streaming webcam image RRS feed

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  • my friends and I are developing a system for attaching a camera to a rifle scope, and viewing the image on a computer, and using the computer to adjust the sights (which will be crosshairs drawn over the image from the camera).  I have found some code on the net that shows how to get the streaming video from the camera, although it is quite simple in its capabilities, and there does not appear to be any explanation of how to set the resolution of the camera.  I have an MS LifeCam VX6000, which I am using for proof-of-concept, which is capable of 640x480 resolution at 30fps.  the code I downloaded appeared to produce images of much lower resolution - probably 320x240.  I would like to know how to adjust the resolution of the stream, and how to draw graphics over top of the image.

    for those of you with objections to the use, ownership, or existence of firearms, I urge you to do one of two things: 

    A. do not post.
    B. set aside your feelings about firearms and help me with my problem

    I don't want to see posts about how evil guns are, or flaming me for my pursuit of advancements in the art and science of long range rifle marksmanship.  Please keep your comments on topic and as helpful as possible.

    thanks in advance.
    Monday, February 4, 2008 7:39 AM