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  • Hi Friends,

                                         We  are refactoring our silverlight application while other developer are wokring on model and viewmodel I took up View and  using VS2010 not Blend, and I need to know couple of thing to proceed

    1) How do I test my view without viewmodel.

    2) In current project we are  using style.xaml for setting LayoutRoot/Grid/other control Styles and I was wondering how do I refer in XAML  i.e. say I have  style.xaml  file in my client project under the folder sytle, how do I refer this in mainpage.xaml as I cannot use                               xmlns:local="clr-namespace:TD.Style"
    as it's just xaml file.

    3) Not sure why they have usex style.xaml file what I know is stylc.css is to be used, your suggestion/comment on this would be of gr8 help.

    Tuesday, June 5, 2012 4:52 AM