Force Feedback in BLE gamepad with HID over GATT. RRS feed

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  • We are trying to implement BLE gamepad with HID over GATT.  We want to add force feedback (rumble, vibration, etc.) (FFB) support. 

    We've found the following information.

    For implementation of FFB support there are the following options:
    1) Using standard HID report descriptor with PID (Physical Interface Device) class.
    Problem: On the internet we found a ready-made HID report descriptor with PID, but its size is more than 510 bytes (maximum value size in BLE HID implementation) tried to reduce the size, but couldn't make it work.
    2) Imitate an existing gamepad (ex. XBox).
    Problem: We do not think this is legal. Found the USB dump of Xbox controller, but cannot find BLE dump. HID's data from USB dump don't work in BLE.
    3) Using custom HID report descriptor & drivers for each target platform.
    Problem: It takes too much time for implementation.
    Can anyone help with how to implement option 1 or 2? 

    Maybe we can implement XInput over BLE? Is XInput a closed or open protocol? Can we get documentation? If so, under what condition?
    Maybe you know another way to implement FFB support?
    Wednesday, December 12, 2018 5:09 AM