Masking APIM Log data sent to Azure App Insights RRS feed

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  • Based on the latest update from other MSDN thread, filling in the information for this thread so that it helps the community folks.  

    Application Insights cannot control on what telemetry APIM instances would send to Application Insights, this is something need to be controlled from APIM stand point.

    Hopefully you have request/response body logging enabled in APIM. Can you please check what are the bytes of body setting setup with in APIM and please make sure its specified as 0 (zero).


    Additionally you can also check out the purge functionality which can be leveraged to purge the data which is already residing in Application Insights based on user defined filters.

    The request telemetry (along with the dependency telemetry, where applicable) will be there regardless of the body/header logging settings. If in order to investigate something your support team needs to look into the request/response bodies of the requests , currently there are no options to control requests body data flowing to Application Insights from APIM (apart from specifying the number of bytes to log). 

    APIM Team is currently working on a feature , which is an extension to existing trace policy and will allow the customers to emit trace telemetry, where customers can put any data they wish and the feature would be rolling out in next 3-4 weeks.

    If none of the options listed above are helping your scenario, you can always open a feature request with our team. 

    Tuesday, September 24, 2019 5:57 PM