Data Factory ML Batch execution fails - Failed to setup working directory


  • Please help me, to spot the problem source. Test Connections to Linked Service, InputStorage and OutputStorage are succesful.

    Data Factory ML Batch execution fails.
    The Predictive experiment runs succesfully when started from the ML Studio.

    { "errorCode": "2600", "message": "Module: Edit Metadata; SNR Job Id: 41ec46397b93439c866efa88b0ff2aca; SNR Task Id: ecb7a1b1-0a78-46cd-8353-011ba6de0112;\nrequestId = 662210a9-951d-480c-ab20-74d4dfdb0b8e Failed to setup working directory.", "failureType": "UserError", "target": "Predictive Model"

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