Game level asset delivery and packaging


  • I export game levels from 3DSMax as .cpp files using Plain Old Data (POD) structs.

    This gives me the flexibility to access individual scene objects/elements via AI to do game-like things (e.g. if object touched then animate door open)

    AI is written in C++

    Up to now I have just staticaly linked all of these together.  Now I want to takle dynamic loading of assets, AI, Audio that are packaged together into a .DLL (all just POD structs and C++)

    Can I just mae a Metro DLL with these pieces inside and then load the DLL and access it?

    Not sure how that will work for packaging, distribution, and validation. How does the validator know about these "game level .DLL's"

    Also, I wish to make new game levels in the future and offer them as expansion to people who have purchased my app.

    anybody been down this path before?

    I also notice there is a Windows Runtime Library Componant type project which I am assuming makes a .DLL, is this a better path to go or is not relevant?

    Any help or insight is appreciated before I just launch into this.


    Tuesday, July 10, 2012 11:11 PM


  • You could put them in a DLL and include it in your package.

    Additional levels could be added as an updated version of the app on the store. Everybody who purchases the app would get the additional level code, and you can use the in-app purchasing system to enable the levels appropriately.

    You probably don't need a component DLL if this is all within your C++ app. A component DLL would allow you to write a library in C++ (or C#) and then consume it from a JavaScript or C# app. For a DLL used only within your own game this would be overhead with no value.


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