Custom Transform set on IAzureMediaServicesClient is lost? RRS feed

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  • My custom code to run Encoding, Indexing has been using a Custom Transform since last 6 months, and suddenly it is no longer able to execute the tasks as it is supposed to be, with respect to Encoding with defined resolution, analyzer preset and Indexing.

    When I checked with "Get Transform", the custom transform has no details.

    There haven't been any changes in the code or in my Media Services account.

    Are there any changes on Azure side which may have caused my custom transform settings to disappear?

    Is there any way to recover previously set custom transform from your IAzureMediaServicesClient?

    Get/Create Transform code is as below;

    Transform transform = await client.Transforms.GetAsync(resourceGroupName, accountName, transformName);
    if (transform == null)
    TransformOutput[] outputs = new TransformOutput[]
    new TransformOutput
    Preset = new BuiltInStandardEncoderPreset()
    PresetName = EncoderNamedPreset.AdaptiveStreaming
    new TransformOutput(preset)
    transform = await client.Transforms.CreateOrUpdateAsync(resourceGroupName, accountName, transformName, outputs);
    Wednesday, October 9, 2019 7:11 AM

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