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  • After creating a 'Copy Data' source => pipeline => sink, is there any way in the datafactory.azure.com GUI to edit the column mappings from source to sink? I'm looking to change from 1 column in the source to a different column in the source.

    I suspect I could figure out how to replace it using PostMan, but it sure would be nice if this functionality was in the GUI. 

    Am I just missing something? The User Interface definitely is not intuitive, so I assume this basic functionality exists and I just can't find it...

    Saturday, February 10, 2018 11:10 PM


  • well, answering my own question in case others find there way here.

    To edit column mappings, from the azure portal:

    1. Click on Data Factories
    2. Click on your data factory to open the data factory blade
    3. In the Actions section, click Author and Deploy
    4. click on your pipeline to open the specific pipeline blade
    5. edit the object
    6. deploy

    Saturday, February 10, 2018 11:23 PM