How to decode media stream with media foundation RRS feed

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    I'm trying to implement few video editing tasks for winrt windows store app. Simple tasks can be done with Windows.Media.Transcoding.MediaTranscoder but I would need something more.

    I'm using IMFSourceResolver to get IMFMediaSource for mp4 input video file. From IMFMediaSource object I can get video stream as IMFMediaStream. Video is encoded with H.264 codec and media stream gives me encoded samples. How can I get H264 decoder in WinRT? I would need to get samples in MFVideoFormat_ARGB32 for my custom IMFTransform.

    I know it's possible on WinRT because Windows.Media.Transcoding.MediaTranscoder does it.

    I tried also IMFSourceReader to read samples because it can also decode video but it supports only MFVideoFormat_RGB32 as uncompressed format.

    Tuesday, November 6, 2012 9:19 AM

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