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  • Hi everybody I have a problem writing External variable from workflows; I've found example about ExternalVariableReference<T> but to use it I need to edit the xaml and to use "fixed" name and type of the external variable:

       <OutArgument x:TypeArguments="p:DynamicValue">
      <p:ExternalVariableReference x:TypeArguments="p:DynamicValue" Name="EXTERNALVARIABLENAME" />
       <InArgument x:TypeArguments="p:DynamicValue">
      <mca:CSharpValue x:TypeArguments="p:DynamicValue">DYNAMICVARIABLE</mca:CSharpValue>

    in this example I assign the variable DYNAMICVARIABLE of type DynamicValue to an external variable named EXTERNALVARIABLENAME (of course of type DynamicValue). My problem is that I need to to this using the what I need is an activity that I can use in the designer where I can specify the name and the type of the external variable. I've try to implement it by myself but without success :(

    Does anyone have an example or any idea about it?

    Thursday, July 24, 2014 2:35 PM