How to get recccuring meeting ids using reccuringmaster id from ews RRS feed

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  • I have few questions i will number them please give me some suggestions on them

    I use streaming notification for getting meeting details from exchange. When exchange sends itemId i querry exchange using that particularID to get meeting details for normal meeting and then i save it. But when coming to recurring meetings it just sends one Item ID which ReccuringmasterID i guess and when i use this ID to querry it just gives me one meeting.

    Anyway all the meetings reccuring meetings have same data initially so its not a problem i can just save it into database.

    1) But what i want was to get all the occurenceIDS by using this RecurringmasterID is it possibile in this way. I would greatly appriciate if you can me some example if there is way querry this

    2) when a single occurence is cancelled i am getting modification event then i tried to querry using that ID but when i used IsCanceled method it is showing False. But why was a canceled meeting is showing false. if i just querry all the meetings again it is not there.

    So how can i get information about canceled occurence.

    Please give me suggestions, Thanks in advance
    Tuesday, July 19, 2016 8:44 AM