Not a question just a remark from an old fox(pro) 73 years of age.

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  • I am a widower of 73 and retired 13 years ago. A lot have changed since those days but with plenty of time on my hand I thought it a good idea to taking up my old hobby again for which I was paid for in the past. So I took up the challenge to start to learn new computer languages again. So I started with Python after ten or twelve lessons I thought hell why they make things so complicated that was much easier in the past with Foxpro and VBA/Access and VB. So I took up Ruby nice language but where do I need so many options for a simple if else endif statement for. It shortens typing I read as an argument well if all good programmers do not copy paste. Bill Gates said it himself "smart programming is good copying" it made him a billionaire so I take his word for it. Then I looked for a smart GUI for Ruby not so easy to find. The argument I read everything is with webpages nowadays, maybe but why is our desktop not a webpage and if so I why do have to put up with that old Unix terminal environment.  But oke there were a nice points in the language that made me stick to it. Then I went over to the next stage of Ruby and that is Rails. Nice concept in theory but why the hell do I have to go through x folders for one simple webpage "With hello Rails." And do small and medium businesses need that are they not better off with Access on Azure or with PHP and MDMaria.  Then I wanted to do some simple 2D game programming which I did in the TRS the Commodore64 and the Amiga.  Then you have to install the Gem Gosu  and some times even more. Then you have to study a whole manual in order to make small game of 200 lines on the TRS or Amiga. Have those guys with all their complex coding never heard of Scratch and the amazing things young kids make with that simpel wondertoy.

    Just an examples of many outstanding projects.

    So I had wished I never started this adventure this conquest for the past to have some hours of fun with coding. (By the way I have this also with Excel because I use it as a functional programming tool for economic exams -the text stay's the same and with one click all the variables change and the elaboration also-I developed this method because scholars faces two problems the technique and the text and in this way they can train themselves first with the technique and if that is not a problem they can face with success all the complex texts which old guys have breeded on-two problems in one moment is certain failure one problem at a time you can conquer.) And if you work with hidden cells and all the other trick which Excel has you do not need a programming language Excel in itself is. So respect for all those guys who developed  Ruby and Rails - I am far to stupid for that and maybe a perfect product for big projects but what about all the middle and small guys. And don't be mistaken we did some wonderful things with QBasic and 256KB. But this old guy longed back for those days KISS -keep it simple stupid-. 

    And then I found this wonder toy the best of two worlds  With wonderful explanations and Power Points presentations.

    Have I given it up on all languages No I like PHP and I see it as the same toy we had with QBasic in the time of the micro computers.

    Is it important that you learn programming languages Yes because I come out of the field of finance and started many many years ago to program my first RPG program out of frustration with IT people. It is my conviction that a software project can only be successful with full involvement of the people who do the actual job. I used foxpro many times as a rapid development tool to show people is this really what you are telling me try it out and I will here your remarks gladly -shoot-.

    Thursday, February 16, 2017 8:36 PM

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  • Hi Hans,

    Thanks for your post.  Have you tried Small Basic or other .Net (C# or VB) which it is based on?  What do you think of these for learning programming?

    Thursday, February 16, 2017 10:38 PM