Create Build package using .wdproj in VS2013


  • Our Project was in VS2008 and DotNet Framework3.5. We are using scripts to create a build package.To create a package we have imported "Microsoft\WebDeployment\v9.0\Microsoft.WebDeployment.targets" file in .wdProj and deployment package created successfully with out any issues.

    Now we are migrating our code to VS2013 and Dot net framework to 4.5.2.Here we could not find 'Microsoft.WebDeployment.targets' file for VS2013 and Build scripts are failing with errors.Due to this we could not use our .wdProj to create our build package.

    How can we create a build package in VS2013 with .wdProj?
    If this is not supported in VS2013, what are the steps to be taken to create our build package through scripts?

    prince rajan

    Tuesday, March 22, 2016 1:30 PM


  • Hi rajan ,

    Thank you for posting in MSDN forum.

    For your question, as far as I know: Visual Studio 2013 support web deploy project function . This was removed in VS2012; the guidance instead is to use a 3rd party option like WiX or InstallShield.
    Please refer to:
    Beisides, In a nutshell, you will have all the same features that WDP has, but a lot more as well. Also another good thing about this is that we will have one experience for both Web App Project as well as Website Project. So when we make enhancements both project systems get it.

    Please refer to:

    Another option, if you don't need to use an MSI based installer, is to use  Web Deploy. A web project in VS can create a  deployment package, which can then be published to any number of websites at any time. It can also be customized by configuring parameters and setting their values at deploy time (link).Web Deploy packages can support deploying your web content, IIS settings, and database.

    In addition, if have further question about  web development project. I suggest you’d better post it to the ASP.NET forum for better support.

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