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  • In the past decade I have had an MSDN subscription and have occasionally asked for tech support to answer various questions. I haven't always solved my problem, but I've usually gotten knowledgeable people to ask and usually have solved my problem. Recently though I asked a question we weren't able to solve ourselves and ended up totally wasting our time due to the lack of knowledge and language skills of the people servicing the request.

    The first problem was language skills. I ended up speaking to a lot of different people, all of which spoke English (I'm in the US) which I had a hard time understanding, at a low volume that even maximum volume on my headset couldn't cure completely. When they tried to give me numbers or codes to type in, it was just impossible to understand, and this was pretty much everyone I talked to.

    The next problem was organizational. Instead of being given to one engineer, they kept handing me off to new people who didn't understand what had happened before which was pretty much a guarantee of failure since I ended up starting over again and again. An engineer would start talking to me and then promptly go on vacation. Committments would be made and then ignored.

    The next problem was knowledge. None of the people I talked to seemed to understand much about what was going on. They seemed to be reading from a script and my problem was outside those scripts.

    We have a system that is not on the internet and almost the first thing they said is that they couldn't help unless they remoted in. We obtained the temporary use of a cellular modem to make that happen and they did remote in and replicated the problem, supposedly taking data, but nothing came of it and later on yet a new person emailed me to say that since they couldn't replicate the problem, they couldnt' help.

    What was the still unsolved problem? We are running an old XP SP3 system which uses PCL 3 printer drivers for HP portable printers. When installed, every new copy of those printers (the printers are in a pool, the same one is not used everytime) is used on the system it creates a new driver. We solved that with a registry fix, but still when you plugged it into another USB jack, a new copy of the driver would be created. The best we could achieve is two copies of the driver, one for USB 1 and one for USB 2. We wanted Microsoft to help us have only 1 driver.

    Needless to say, it was a frustrating experience. I love the VS environment and have had very good support from Microsoft and I feel that with the cost of these MSDN subscriptions, our company is entitled to reasonable assistance that we may no longer be able to count on. Is this an isolated incident? How have your recent support calls been? I'm hoping that my experience is not typical.

    Lockheed Martin

    Wednesday, November 28, 2012 2:00 PM