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  • Upon opening an MSAccess database, I (and other users) get the error message "You do not have exclusive access to the database at this time. If you proceed...." . We actually have to acknowledge several of these messages to finally get to the main menu of the database, at which time it works fine. When only one user is using the database, the error doesn't appear.

    The database is on a server, and has several users, all connected thru a network. All users open the same Access file to use the database. The database is split, with all of the tables being on SQL Server.

    Further explanation of the error when it appears: "When attempting to open a database in Design View, or when trying to save design changes to a database object, you may encounter this error message. Access requires an exclusive lock on the database to make design changes on some object types. This error indicates that Access has not obtained an exclusive lock on the database...." {there is more in the explanation}

    All this happens on opening the database - no design changes are underway, and the database is not opening in Design View. I have verified that none of the other users is open in exclusive mode. No objects are being updated (although data might be being changed). I am the only user that can get to the navigation pane, and I never do that while other users are on the system (I do it at night, when all users are absent). Is there some way that one of the forms or tables or queries has retained an opening that locks the db? What are some possibilities that might throw this error? Is it because of the update to Access 2013 (which occurred some time ago, but the problem has only arisen recently)?

    Incidentally, on the same server, I have 3 other Access-SQLServer split databases, all with multiple users, all users using a single Access file in each db, none of which have this problem. The main difference between the problem database and the others is the heavy use of VBA instead of macros to perform actions – is there something in VBA that might cause the error?

    I have seen solutions on some forums that indicate that giving each user their own copy of the front end database will resolve this – but that would be a monstrous task for me, since the databases are frequently modified with new reports, calculations and features.

    Can you help me find the problem that throws this error?

    Thank You!
    Thursday, February 25, 2016 12:35 AM


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