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  • I have SP 2013 public facing website. Site (root site) that has 5 sub sites (site 1, site 2... site 5) and each sub site has another 4 sub sites (site1.1, site1.2 etc.). I have 5 custom list in the root site one for each sub site (list 1 for site 1, list 2 for site 2 etc.). The list has columns "Section" and "IsActive". Section has data like Section 1 , Section 2 etc. and is used to show list items for sub sites. IsActive is computed column to filter if list item is still active or not.

    Now here are the issues for search:

    1. I can include the list in search but how do I filter it to show only list items where IsActive is true.

    2. I want to include the list items in search result and want to link them page in a sub site like /site1/site1.1/pages/detailpage.aspx?t=[ListItemId]

    Can anyone please provide detail steps on how to achieve the above behavior.



    Friday, February 20, 2015 5:27 PM