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  • Hello,

    I am working on a pretty huge school project and leading a group of 5 students. Now I was about to check for learning resources when a question started to bother me. I've thought that it would be appropriate if one of the guys just bothers with XAML rather than coding in C#. Would you recommend that? And if yes - are there any learning resources you'd suggest?

    Thanks for your help!



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  • In general, you're going to have a tough time writing meaningful xaml without knowing at least a bit of C# - typically, if you want to be a "pure designer", a developer will have to plumb out or at least give you all of the binding specifications up front, etc.

    If this is a group effort among students, it might be tricky to single one out and try to have them act differently - in this case, I think it might be easier to just have all of them have some proficiency with both.  (That's just my personal opinion, though)

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    Monday, September 2, 2013 6:00 PM
  • Have everyone learn xaml and c#.  Assign an xaml page to each person. 

    Trust me, c# is amazingly simple to learn.  It took me 1 day to learn c#, and I'm a civil engineer (nothing to do with programming).  I've published 2 apps written in c++ and 3 apps written in c#.  With c#, it took me 1/3 the time to write my apps as opposed to c++.  I am currently working on a very expansive project myself. 

    I think it is extremely difficult to design an xaml page without knowing the c# code behind it.  And I feel sorry for the poor soul that has to write the c# code behind someone else's xaml page.

    Monday, September 2, 2013 6:33 PM
  • So would you accept the following idea:

    Everyone in the group will start learning the basics of C# (do you have book recommendations?). Then there will be some who focus on databases and others that focus on graphics and a few others act as "allrounders".

    Thanks for your help!

    Monday, September 2, 2013 6:33 PM
  • Hmm this looks quite logical to me. Have you attended any special courses or used any special books for accomplishing that in just one day? (pretty nice work btw!)

    I am also learning C# atm (I had some C++ and pascal experience before) and it isn't that challenging just as you said. Its just the XAML stuff that bothers me since I none of my group has any experience in that and can't estimate the effort connected with it. 

    Thanks for your post!

    Monday, September 2, 2013 6:39 PM
  • Running a team of programmers is a big task.

    Someone has to decide what each of the others is doing.

    Then it all has to come together at some point.

    I personally have never worked in a team so I know how good it is to work on your own and know how every part of the software works.


    Monday, September 2, 2013 9:11 PM