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  • At Boolean Structure (System), there is a table of explicit interface implementations. In this table, each row starts with an icon whose alt text and title are incorrectly "Explicit interface implemetation". They should instead be "Explicit interface implementation". The problem appears to occur in the documentation of every class that has explicit interface implementations. You can check the title by mousing over the icon, or the alt text by configuring your web browser not to load images.

    Another problem is that, if you disable images so that the browser shows the alt texts, then the text for different icons runs together, as in "Explicit interface implemetationPrivate methodSupported by Portable Class LibrarySupported in .NET for Windows Store apps". Perhaps you could add some spaces in between.

    <img id="pubinterface" alt="Explicit interface implemetation" src="" title="Explicit interface implemetation" xmlns="" class="cl_IC141795" /><img id="privmethod" alt="Private method" src="" title="Private method" xmlns="" class="cl_IC6709" /><img id="PortableClassLibrary" alt="Supported by Portable Class Library" src="" title="Supported by Portable Class Library" xmlns="" /><img id="storebag" alt="Supported in .NET for Windows Store apps" src="" title="Supported in .NET for Windows Store apps" xmlns="" />

    Wednesday, July 30, 2014 10:18 PM

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  • The typo has been fixed, sort of; the markup for icons now looks like this:

    <td><span><img id="s-e6f6a65cf14f462597b64ac058dbe1d0-system-media-system-caps-pubinterface" alt="System_CAPS_pubinterface" src="" title="System_CAPS_pubinterface" xmlns="" /></span><span><img id="s-e6f6a65cf14f462597b64ac058dbe1d0-system-media-system-caps-privmethod" alt="System_CAPS_privmethod" src="" title="System_CAPS_privmethod" xmlns="" /></span></td>

    In my opinion, alt="System_CAPS_pubinterface" and alt="System_CAPS_privmethod" are worse than the earlier alt="Explicit interface implemetation" and alt="Private method". There still isn't any space between these alt texts. Furthermore, the alt texts themselves now don't contain any spaces either. This prevents the browser from wrapping the line and makes the icon column far too wide, even double the width of the Description column.

    Perhaps I should write a Greasemonkey script to clean these up at client side.
    Thursday, September 24, 2015 10:36 AM