The publisher in the uploaded package does not match the expected publisher


  • I have an existing Windows Phone 8 application in which I wish to release an update to. This update includes new features as well as targets the 8.1 platform. Because of an unknown problem with the original Visual Studio project where the app stopped being able to be deployed to test devices, it was faster to create a new Visual Studio project and copy over the existing code and assets than try and find the issue in the original project. This lead to the publisher GUIDs being different between the new and original projects.  

    Now when I try and submit the updated package within the Windows Phone Online dashboard I get the following error message "The publisher in the uploaded package does not match the expected publisher. The expected publisher for this app is: "CN=0745C81D-D1ED-49ED-A219-C546B5F31DE5"".

    I have updated both the WMAppManifest and Package.appxmanifest so that they have the following attributes and information:

    Package.appxmanifest (PhonePublisherId="0745C81D-D1ED-49ED-A219-C546B5F31DE5") And

    WMAppManifest (PublisherID="{0745C81D-D1ED-49ED-A219-C546B5F31DE5})

     I have then recompiled the app and uploaded and attempted to resubmit the update but I still get the error that the Publisher does not match. I have renamed the appx to zip and examined the contents and done a ctrl-shift-f and searched for publish within Visual Studio to no avail. What have I missed??

    Thursday, September 18, 2014 11:51 AM


  • Solved! So not only do you need to set these two attributes but also the Publisher attribute within the Package.appmanifest to be CN=blahblahblah. Simple and obvious solution, just two many guids and similar properties to know exactly.

    Monday, October 13, 2014 2:24 PM